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No email option in SCOM 2012 report subscription

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So this is the issue — you’re going to subscribe to a report in SCOM and the only options are “Windows File Share” and “Null Delivery Provider”.



Well that’s a problem…we want these reports emailed. This error typically occurs when a SQL Migration is done, the reporting role is migrated, or on new installs. So go open up SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager, and go to the “email settings” tab on the side. Notice there’s no data in there.



Configure this to include whatever you want your sender address to be, and your SMTP server, then click apply and you should get this.



Now, let go back and open up the SCOM Report Subscription again, and there we go!





I hope I’ve made your day, at least a little bit easier.



3 thoughts on “No email option in SCOM 2012 report subscription

  1. Sandy

    Can you please explain which or whom s ID we need to put in Sender Address?

    1. mshansen01

      Sure, the sender address is the address from which the email will be received. For example, you can say “reports@contoso.com” and the email will hit your inbox from reports@contoso.com. It doesn’t have to be a mailbox, it’s just a required field to send an email. Be aware that some mail systems may block emails like this, so if the email doesn’t go through check with your email admin/team to see if it was blocked.

      1. Sandy

        Thanks a lot

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