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Shared Storage Options in Azure: Part 2 – IaaS Storage Server

Reading Time: 9 minutes Recently, I posted the “Shared Storage Options in Azure: Part 1 – Azure Shared Disks” blog post, the first in the 5-part series. Today I’m posting Part 2 – IaaS Storage Server. While this post will be fairly rudimentary insofar as Azure technical complexity, this is most certainly an option when considering shared storage options […]

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Configure Azure Blob Archive Storage

Reading Time: 4 minutes Azure storage is great. Good thought to open on right? Of course! This year Azure graced us with the ability to (preview) the new Azure Archive Storage. Obviously this is enticing, especially at it’s  (current) $0.0018/GB price point. For more cost informaiton on Azure Archive Storage you can visit the link below. Now this […]

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Changing Azure Recovery Services Vault to LRS Storage

Reading Time: 2 minutes Back in the classic portal with backup services it was an easy fix. Simply change the settings value of storage replication type. I’ve recently started moving my workloads to recovery serveries vaults in ARM, and noticed something peculiar. By default, the storage replication type of the vault is GRS.   If your needs require geographically […]

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