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Performance Testing with Azure Firewall Basic SKU

Reading Time: 4 minutes Overview: Azure Firewall is a cloud-native, stateful, managed firewall service with built-in high availability, with incredible automated scaling and throughput capabilities, and many security features. In some cases, though, the price point can be a bit high to get started if they’re being used for basic L3/L4 rules, routing, and NAT capabilities. For this reason, […]

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Extension installed and toggled
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Azure Mask Browser Extension

Reading Time: 2 minutes I often find myself having to do a lot of editing of both video and screenshots when using the Azure Portal and I wanted to write a short blog post about this very handy extension I’ve been using recently. The Azure Mask Extension is an open source tool written by Brian Clark, it works by […]

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Azure VM Disk Types
Azure Cloud Networking Storage

Shared Storage Options in Azure: Part 2 – IaaS Storage Server

Reading Time: 9 minutes Recently, I posted the “Shared Storage Options in Azure: Part 1 – Azure Shared Disks” blog post, the first in the 5-part series. Today I’m posting Part 2 – IaaS Storage Server. While this post will be fairly rudimentary insofar as Azure technical complexity, this is most certainly an option when considering shared storage options […]

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Azure DNS Load Balanced Solution
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DNS Load Balancing in Azure

Reading Time: 3 minutes This post won’t be too long, but I wanted to expand a bit on the recent repo that I published to Github for Azure Load Balanced DNS Servers. I’ve been working in Azure the better part of a decade and the way we’ve typically approached DNS is in one of two ways. Either use (a […]

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Azure Web Apps with Cost Effective, Private and Hybrid Connectivity (The ASE Killer!)

Reading Time: 10 minutes Caution: this blog post may save you significant time and money, and has been affectionately dubbed “The ASE Killer!”. Note: If you prefer a video walk-through, you can now view my video building this solution on YouTube: With the advent of the cloud came the ever so attractive PaaS service model. The first time […]

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