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Symantec Backup Completed with Exceptions oem13.inf

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I recently was given this error in a backup that was leveraging Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2. I noticed that it wasn’t failing but was “Completing with Exceptions”. Upon investigation of the job log I found the errors above, and below.





Upon research I found that in this version of Backup Exec (13.0) against this version of Windows (2008 R2) the VSS looks for the two files when they are not there — then fails and says they were not included in the backup.

Fantastic. Easy fix. There are two ways you can do this. One, is that you go into “C:\Windows\INF\” and make a blank text file and name it oem13.inf and then again naming it oem14.inf. The operating system won’t ever utilize it, but it will calm the unwarranted errors in Backup Exec.

The other way to remedy this is to add two simple exceptions into the backup.





Launch the backup exec console, find your job in “Job Monitor” and edit the include/exclude under Source –> Selections. Add the path “C:\Windows\INF” and the file “OEM13.INF” then do this again for “OEM14.INF” like above.


All things considered, a very easy fix. I prefer the second option so that you’re not cluttering the critical areas of the file system.


Hope I’ve made your day a little easier!